From charging station locations, DC charging curves to precise calculated prices. Chargeprice provides all the data needed by operators to offer a competitive service. Gain industry insights or build your product based on our data.

  • Coverage throughout Europe

  • Consume via API or data platform

  • Raw or aggregated data

  • Curated and validated

  • Customized reports


Chargeprice offers you a unique opportunity to gain visibility when your offer is the most relevant.

  • 600,000 requests from EV drivers

  • 45,000 unique users

  • Millions of price comparisons

  • Custom tags, logo and marketing

  • No fixed cost

Find the best price for every charging session in Europe! allows EV drivers to find the best price depending on the following conditions

  • Select your vehicle and a charging station

  • We calculate the price of a charging session for every relevant charging service

  • Easily compare price models with kWh, time, session fee, day/night etc. components

  • With data from providers and the community

  • 100% for free!

Electric vehicle data

Every brand, every model of electric cars. Specs include: charging curve, connector, charging speed, battery capacity, range, power.

  • Simple API access

  • Tesla, Renault, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Kia, Hyundai and many more


The Chargeprice Story

Austria, 2018: Niklas, software engineer at Runtastic, just ordered his first electric vehicle and got overwhelmed by the huge number of charging services quickly. He took the initiative and only two months later the first charging price comparison tool was released. He wanted to grow the project, but was lacking a team and business expertise...

France, 2018: Two friends, Quentin and Guillaume, were observing price in-transparencies on the EV charging market and started a project to compare prices. However they were no software developers...

2019: Niklas contacted a charging card provider for their prices. He didn't get their prices, but a contact to a former colleague, who was working on a similar project. After the first call with Quentin, both knew it was a perfect match. The three joined forces and founded Chargeprice, a true European startup!

Since then, they are bringing their services to more and more countries to fulfill their vision of price transparency and guidance for EV drivers.

Quentin Ducreux-Lerebours

Leader in the
EV industry

Niklas Hösl

Software engineer & e-mobility enthusiast

Guillaume Bouley

Economist &
project manager

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Camille Garcia

The range problem of electric vehicles is solved.
Now let's make public charging simple and accessible to everyone!