Charging Guide: Slovenia and Croatia

September 17, 2021

Of course you also want to go on vacation with your EV! But especially in foreign countries the topic of charging can lead to doubts. Hence we want to use this new blog post series to explain you foreign charging networks and how to use them. We are starting with Slovenia and Croatia! This article should give you a rough overview. As always, you can find the details on


The fast charging network in Slovenia ist already covering the whole country very well. Many gas stations along the highways are equipped with at least a triple charger. Many destinations also have AC chargers already.


Most (fast) charging stations are operated by the gas station brand Petrol. You can use the website (or the corresponding App; both require a credit card) to activate the paid fast chargers. The are relatively cheap with 0.20€/min.

Normal (22 kW) chargers are still free of charge, but you need to activate them via the OneCharge App! Plug-and-charge as well as activating via the website didn’t work for me.

Via roaming you can activate the chargers with New Motion (Shell Recharge) or Smatrics. Unfortunately the rates are much higher there.


Also the gas station operator MOL is continuously building it’s charging network. Right now it’s only 11 fast chargers, but that’s better than nothing 🙂

Since this year a charge is 7.90€ per session on DC (and 5.90€ on AC). According to the website you pay at the shop and an employee is activating the station for you then. Unfortunately I couldn’t try it out yet. Roaming is not supported.


Right now there are 3 stations in Slovenia: Near Koper (on the way to Istria), Ilirska Bistrica (on the way to Dalmatia) and on the way from Ljubljana to Zagreb. Additionally two stations are currently build near Maribor. You activate the stations with the usual suspects: Maingau, Chargepoint, IONITY direct…

Electro Ljubljana

Operates paid AC stations in the whole country. The website should theoretically allow you to start charging, but I’m still waiting for the confirmation email, which I need in order to login.


The fast charging network in Croatia is way more dense in the northern regions, than in the south.

Hravtski Telekom

With more than 120 stations it is the biggest operator in the country. AC stations are mostly free of charge, DC charging is paid in general (whereas the prices differ, but they are roughly 0,30€/kWh). You can register and activate stations via On Android there is also the App Espots where you can apparently activate even fast chargers for free!

Hint: Currently you can activate stations for free via Roaming with Chargepoint as well as New Motion (Shell Recharge)! Other roaming EMPs are paid.


Many gas stations along the highway offer free fast charging, but there are also many AC stations. Overall Elen offers more than 100 charging locations all over the country!


Besides Slovenia MOL offers 11 fast chargers in Croatia as well. One charging session is around 10€.


Near Zagreb there is only a single station in the whole country.


A vacation with your EV is already easily possible in Slovenia and Croatia (in the southern regions it’s more challenging though). If there is no public charging station available, it’s always a good idea to ask at your Hotel or accommodation upfront!

Your Chargeprice-Team

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