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Benchmark – Data report

Do you need up-to-date insights on the EV market ?

Chargeprice market intelligence services provide you with extensive information on the electric vehicle charging market.

In the background, Chargeprice team constantly analyzes a large amount of data while giving EV drivers access to charging prices. Through data cross-referencing and market experience, Chargeprice can offer you reports based on the following data:

Charging prices
  • The different networks of CPOs
  • The different mobility operators
  • Subscriptions (energy prices) available to users
  • Night and day rates
  • Billing per minute
  • Billing per hour (according to the different prices of type: 1st hour, 2nd hour, …)
  • Billing by kWh
Session prices
  • Recharging speed
  • Connector type: AC, DC
  • Type of socket: type2, chademo, CSS or criteria of your choice
Vehicle types
  • Models
  • Brand
  • Options
  • Charging curves
Behavior data
    • The geographical areas (Europe, Country, Land, Region, Network)
    • Parameters used to search: battery level, car model, AC vs. DC charging
    • The number of stations searched on average, per user
    • Favorite mobility operators

Tailored reports and analysis to benchmark your offer and compare it to the current market standards.

Benchmark platform

Get access to the Chargeprice platform and download unit prices, calculated prices and average kWh prices on all networks choosing the EMSP services you wish to compare.

Write us on contact@chargeprice.net today and start collecting data via reports or through the Chargeprice API

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